• How much does the app cost?

    The mobile app will be available for free for IOS in the App Store or for Android in Google Play. Creating an account is also entirely free.

  • Are there requirements to use the app?

    The only requirements are that you are at least 16 years old, live within the United States, and can provide the following information when creating your account:

    Legal Name

    Email Address

    Physical Address

    Cell Phone Number

    Date of Birth

    Bank Account Authorization

  • How is EPIMONI different from other finance apps?

    The member experience here at EPIMONI is unique because we promote personal success through small accomplishments and community empowerment. Our Pool system is easy to join and our low fees make it possible for individuals within a group to create value for one another. Other personal finance apps and online services charge large fees and do not promote a community atmosphere. EPIMONI is for everyone, and you do not need thousands of dollars to take advantage of the service.

  • If everything is free, how does EPIMONI make money?

    Our business model generates most of its revenue from the advertisement space we sell to outside parties. To cover our core costs of facilitating our Pool saving process for you, we charge a very small fee of $4.00 when each member withdraws from a Pool. This fee is less than the Bonus recieved by middle and late positions, so these members still have a net benefit from using the Pools. Early Positions, the borrowers, receive slightly less than their contribution total since they are withdrawing the funds first. See a complete breakdown of our fees here.


  • What are Pools and what size can they be?

    Our Pools are circles of members who have different goals but participate together in cycles of contributions and withdrawals. Each Pool has three essential components:

    Number of Members: 4 – 12

    Contribution Amount: $5, $10, $20, $100, or $200

    Frequency: 2xWeek, 1xWeek, or Bi-Weekly

  • I need cash quickly. Which Position should I select?

    You should select an early Position. For example, in a Pool of 8 people, you should select Position 1 or 2. Because you are withdrawing first, you will not receive a Bonus. Your withdrawal amount will be a bit less than the total you will contribute over the duration of the Pool.

  • I want to earn a big Bonus. Which Position should I select?

    You should select a late Position. For example, in a Pool of 8 people, you should select Position 7 or 8. Because you are waiting the longest to withdraw, you will earn the largest bonus.

  • If I use Pool Builder to create a Pool, am I the first to pick a Position?

    Yes, you will select your position while creating the Pool in Pool Builder. Once the Pool is created and is active in the Agora, you can then invite others to join the Pool so they can select the positions they desire.


  • What payment method can I use to participate in Pools?

    ACH is the only method of transaction that we offer because it is faster, safer, and cheaper than credit cards and other third-party payment options like PayPal. When creating your EPIMONI profile, you will be asked to attach your bank or credit union account. You simply login to your account using the same credentials that you normally use for your bank’s website. Our system will then instantly verify your account. Using this method, your personal information and account numbers will never touch our servers. Remember, you cannot join Pools or use Pool Builder until your account is linked.

    Please visit our Security page for more information.

  • Are my contributions and withdrawal automatically taken out of my bank account?

    Yes, each contribution is automatically deducted from your account using ACH. Your withdrawal is automatically deposited into your account using ACH. You will agree to a schedule of transaction dates once you select a position when joining a Pool.


  • Why do I need to allow the app access to my Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn profile?

    Every member is verified when they create an account. If you choose to login using Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, we pull the required information from your profile, thus you must allow access. Before joining or creating Pools, your profile must include the follow:

    Legal Name

    Email Address

    Physical Address

    Cell Phone Number

    Date of Birth

    Bank Account Authorization

  • What if other members do not make their contributions?

    The effectiveness of each Pool is highest when all members participate honestly and timely; however, each Pool is backed by the EPIMONI Guarantee, meaning we will contribute to the Pool if a member does not. If you make your contributions, you are guaranteed to get your withdrawal.

  • What kind of agreement measures are in place for each pool?

    Your security is a top priority. To create an account, every member provides identity verification information and agrees to our Terms of Service. Before joining a Pool, every member is again required to agree with the TOS and accept their transaction schedule. The schedule outlines the dates and amount of each Pool contribution that will automatically be deducted from their connected bank account. The schedule also outlines the date and amount of the Pool withdrawal that will automatically be deposited in to their connected bank account.

    Visit our Security page for more information.

  • Why do you need my bank login information?

    For your convenience, our system automatically verifies your bank account when you login using your online banking credentials during the EPIMONI account creation process. This method eliminates the need for you to manually input your bank routing and account number, ultimately saving you time. In addition, your bank routing and account number never hits our servers, which maintains the security of your data.

  • Can I learn more about the members in my Pool?

    Yes, you can view their profile to see their name, location, goals, and prior Pool activity.


  • Can I share my achievements on social media?

    Not yet. We will be releasing more features in the future. Once the feature is added, you will click the Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn logo from the Pool's information screen to be directed toward the post on your social media account.

  • How do I invite a friend to join my Pool?

    Simply input your friend’s cell phone number and he or she will receive an SMS text with an invitation to join the Pool.

  • Facebook Group

    Please join our Facebook group. This is where all of our members discuss their experiences. 


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