Mission StatementTo build tools that enable members of society to effectively manage and achieve their personal financial goals.


EPIMONI is a free-to-download mobile application and web-based system that brings borrowers, savers, and investors together in a completely transparent environment where they can leverage the power of a group. The application brings a centuries-old savings method to a modern peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and borrowing platform. Users with varieties of financial goals join rotational Pools where they participate in cycles of contributions and withdrawals. The members of a Pool all contribute a set, uniform amount to the “pot” and they take turns withdrawing from it.

Essentially, what EPIMONI does is eliminate the middlemen in the borrowing/lending process. This, ultimately, reduces the fees paid to financial institutions and creates more value to the users. We believe that by merging a goal-setting process with a healthy social atmosphere and an automated savings system, individuals are much more likely to stay on track with their objectives.

EPIMONI is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform that combines a social enviroment with automated banking and crowd-sourcing.

Our Goals

Our overall, comprehensive goal is to facilitate a healthy community where people succeed together. We have maintained a moral and principled character from the very beginning. We strive to always do things the right way and we are proud of the recent successes of our members. Our team wants to build EPIMONI into a tool used by young people, primarily college students, across the world.