Fully mobile, easy-to-use, and the first of its kind, our application will be available on smartphones; tablets; laptops; and desktop computers.

Automatic & Simple

All contributions and withdrawals are automated using ACH transactions to and from members' bank accounts. We do not accept cards as a payment option because ACH is the superior method. ACH is less costly, more secure, and much quicker. Please read about our top-level Security measures and the details of our Pools’ automatic transactions.

Simplified Pricing

So how much does is cost to use? There are no secrets or strings attached. Anyone that creates an account is granted free access to EPIMONI. There is no fee to download the app or access the browser version. There is also no fee to access your account; join or create a Pool; contribute to a Pool; or interact with other members. The only fee that you will be charged is a $4.00 deduction from your total withdrawal. This fee is used to cover our costs and for acting as the intermediary for facilitating this service to our users. The size of the Pool or your selected Position is not relevant, as every member is charged the same withdrawal fee. Our $4.00 fee is very minimal and does not negatively impact your total amount saved since your Bonus will likely be larger than the fee.


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