A Pool is essentially a circle where members select Positions around the circle and participate in cycles of electronic transactions. Prior to the Pool beginning, each member will choose the Position that corresponds with his or her goals. Every Pool functions the same way: each period, all but one member contributes a set, uniform amount. The one non-contributing member gets to withdraw the pot. This cycle continues until everyone has withdrawn, and then the Pool ends. The great part about this style of saving is that 100% of your final withdrawal is your own money. Are you ready to join the future of finance?

Rotating Savings and Credit Associations – “ROSCA"

Our system is structured on the methodology of rotating savings and credit associations, abbreviated ROSCA, a long-standing idea used by peoples dating back to 200 B.C. The basic concept is that a group of individuals agree to meet for a defined period to save and borrow together, essentially forming a “peer-to-peer bank.” The group’s combined savings power allows everyone to personally benefit by providing an alternative to traditional banks or financial institutions.

ROSCAs are a global phenomenon, with half a billion users and unique names in over 100 different languages. In South Africa and the Caribbean ROSCAs are called Susus. In Mexico, they are named Tandas. In China, the name is Hui. The simplicity of the model is easily adaptable in many different cultures, thus ROSCAs are apparent and loved worldwide.

The Agora Marketplace

In ancient Greece, a public open space used for assemblies and markets was known as an agora. Our marketplace, the Agora, allows members to seek out a Pool that best fits their budget, needs, and goals. Members can choose to join a Pool that has already been created by other members, or they can create a new Pool using Pool Builder. Groups of friends or family can also join a Pool together. If there isn’t enough room for everyone, they can create their own Pool and fill it immediately so other members cannot join it. All Pools with available Positions that have not started yet are listed in the Agora. The purposes and goals of each Pool are diverse.


Structure of Pools

Our Pools are designed to be easy, affordable, and quick. Though the uses and applications of the funds saved are nearly infinite, every Pool is created from the following options:

Number of Positions: 4 - 12

Contribution Amount: $5, $20, $100, or $200

Frequency: Weekly or Two Times Per Week


Most Positions in a Pool receive a Bonus: The latest Positions, the investors, receive the largest Bonus. Middle Positions, the savers, receive a small Bonus. Early Positions do not receive a Bonus because they are withdrawing first and have access to capital the quickest. To view open Pools and see the exact values of each Bonus, please sign up for our free beta launch.

Endless Uses and Possibilities

What are your goals? Read about our members’ success stories and examples of Pool uses on our Blog.