Beta Testing Info

Our beta application will launch late this fall, which we will use as a controlled test run of our product. Currently, there are over 150 people signed up for the beta. The testing period will include access to both the mobile app and browser system. With the launch quickly approaching, we want to fill you in on some of the details.

Purpose of the Beta

The objective of the beta test is to give our early supporters and followers a chance to preview our app and browser system. As an early sign-up, you will get access to a new online platform that no one else has seen. We want to hear what you do and don’t like about the platform. Our goal is to obtain valuable feedback that we can use to improve the platform and develop an updated product to be released as the full public launch in late 2019.


3 months

How To Participate

1. Be signed up for the beta launch before October 30, 2018. You can do so HERE.

2. Look for our email updates. We will send an access code to the app download and a direct link for the browser-based system.

3. Make an account by filling in basic information and attaching your bank account using our secure interface.

4. Join Pools with other beta testers to borrow, save, or invest  money.

5. You will be asked to login 4 times per week and spend at least a few minutes in the application for a period of 3 months.

6. Complete surveys during and after the testing period.

Benefits for You

1. Accelerate Your Financial Goals: As a borrower, saver, or investor, you’ll participate in contribution/withdrawal cycles with friends, family, and other similar people in your area. You’ll be able to achieve your goals much quicker than you would on your own. You might even make some new friends during the process.

2. Get a $10 free Tester Bonus: After registration, your account will be credited and you can use it on the platform. When the test is over, it’s your cash that you can pocket.

3. Early Bird Gets The Worm: You will be one of the first to try out an exciting new product and you’ll get to provide feedback on something that will be used by thousands of people.

4. Extra Bonus: If your comments are used to design our final product, you will be compensated. Hint: free stuff.



Our goal is to build tools that enable members of society to effectively manage and achieve their personal financial goals. EPIMONI is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending service that brings a proven concept known as ROSCA’s (rotating savings and credit associations) to a modern, mobile platform. The ROSCA savings model has had a history of success around the world and throughout numerous centuries. Our online P2P money pooling system serves as a commonplace for borrows and lenders to interact with one another, which produces more favorable rates for all parties involved.

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Beta Testing Info

Our beta application will launch late this fall, which we will use as a controlled test run of our...........

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