A Relatable Team

Our team is composed of skilled recent college graduates who are personally familiar with the financial needs and goals of other young people. Because several of our team members have or had student loans, we believe our personal connections to debt have allowed us to design and market a product that is appealing and relatable.

Industry Experience

We have over 6 years of combined experience in banking, public accounting, and corporate finance. Not only do we have academic knowledge of finance, we have also talked with hundreds of people about their approaches to managing their personal finances. We are constantly learning more about the practical needs of everyday people.


While attending university, Luke Gilbert used money pooling to save $600 with his friends for a spring break trip to Florida. He and his friends made the trip possible by working together to save their own cash, something that might not have been achievable, individually. Validated from firsthand experience, he knows this method of saving works. Many people struggle to become financially sound and debt-free. The reasons for these struggles are complex and not easily understandable; however, Luke discovered that incorporating a healthy social component to saving and money management substantially improves the likelihood of personal financial success. By possessing outlined goals to which others will hold him accountable, he has personally been much more successful. Our team wants to build EPIMONI into a tool used by young people, primarily college students, across the world.